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Service Providing

Products and Drinks that good for Health.

Project Description

Stay True is a trademark invested and operated by ST Trading and Communication Joint Stock Company. As a healthy beverage brand, Stay True is built on the foundation of “meticulousness” in each stage: from the step of building, researching the beverage style, selecting ingredients to the style of clothing. customer service. At each stage, we invite knowledgeable experts in the field to come together to provide the best drink experience for our users.

Concept Model

Drinks style

ST builds Stay True on a healthy beverage model, keeping up with current trends and being at the forefront of the future. Stay True offers 80% imported wholesome, chemical and GM food free products, and tastes deliciously from exclusive recipes. More than just drinking a glass of water, each drink of Stay True is a story, a harmonious combination of ingredients, nutritional balance with emotional flavors. What makes Stay True’s beauty – all come from the nature of the ingredients. As the message we want to convey: You do not have to be anyone, you are just you, you just live and exploit the wonderful things in you, you will be happy and successful.

– Customer segmentation

The customer segment that Stay True targets is the mid-to-high segment, those who have the time, knowledge and need to learn about health products compared to other segments. Ages from 30 to under 40 years old, are office people or work in stable jobs. In this segment, the more demanding the product and service quality are required, in which convenience is always the top priority. 

– Store designing

With the current Stay True Cau Giay, we aim to focus on the take away model. In the context of an unpredictable change in Covid in 2020, the ST leaders want to create a model that is flexible, not cumbersome and inexpensive as possible.

Following the healthy drink model, when designing the store, ST focuses on open spaces, with plenty of light in accordance with the concept of Stay True. In addition, the store’s interior uses wood materials, especially the bar. Stay True’s bar is designed to be moderately large, above the ingredient bar, suitable for mixing large quantities of drinks, need to take away.

The store also has shelves selling health products, such as herbal teas, Japanese matcha powder, and fiber powder. These are all natural products that are clean and safe for the health of consumers. The form of accompanying sales, is a way to optimize sales.

Service and Commissioning Standards

Stay True is operated as a take-away business, customers only need to go to the store or order through the app, choose their favorite drink with the specific price printed on the menu, pay later. when ordering and then waiting for drinks, take-away or wait for shipper to arrive without having to sit back at the bar.

Professionalism in customer service is always highly valued that the team that makes Stay True is what we are aiming for. Stay True believes that not only high-end and high-end products need meticulousness at every step, but even broader targeted services still need this important feature, precisely because of its expertise. business will make a brand and make customers trust for a long-term companion. Just set foot in the store or contact to order items on the application, you will clearly feel the dedicated, attentive and friendly service of Stay True staff.

Concept và Communication Channel

Communication plays an important role in bringing brands closer to the target public, ST’s choice to promote Stay True’s branding is based on a combination of both digital and traditional media. time must follow the general concept of the brand, suitable for the mid-high-end segment.

For each stage, ST has concretized the work to be done and ensured the brand launch schedule, initially bringing Stay True closer to the customer file towards:

– Production of media publications

For use on running media channels, ST team has produced media publications including: Building full media content, images and media videos for products.

– Development of communication channels

With the advantage of being a company with a skilled IT team, Stay True’s website is built with the full functionality of a sales website, has high aesthetics and is carefully invested in content (including photos, videos and content).

Currently Stay True is promoted on major media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, F&B review channels such as Foody, TripAdvisor.

– Ads Optimization

Stay True is allowed to run ads on Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms. These are channels with high advertising efficiency, bringing large revenue compared to other channels. The production contents for running ads are also carefully calculated by the ST team to both save and bring the desired results.

Event Organization

One of the traditional ways of communication that we focus on is organizing events with about 200 to 300 guests and through these events to introduce products to customers. The target audience focuses on the target audience.

The events are held regularly, at each event, we will select the main beverage recipes, and the beverage menu is also constantly updated so that familiar customers when using the product more Newer experience.

This helps us to build a set of publications through direct events, direct contact with customers. Although digital technology is dominating the market, there is no denying the effectiveness of direct communication channels.