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Product Review Management System

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Collecting of product reviews from AliExpress, Amazon website


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Project Description

With products that were sold on major e-commerce systems such as Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba …, for users to decide to buy, there are many factors, one of the conditions that customers decide to spend money on. The product is the review (also known as the review) of the previous user. Review is considered as a measure of the trust in product quality, in the reputation of the supplier. When shopping on online channels, the more good reviews a product has, the more reputable the supplier of that item and the ability to sell.

To help shop owners selling products on Shopify, or build Woo-Commerce sales websites on their own. We have researched and built a management system and collected the user reviews based on each product, these reviews will be searched by our system on the distribution channels of Amazon, Aliexpress … The system’s functionality allows you to search and enter multiple reviews of customers for each product.

Using today’s new web programming technologies, our system is fully compatible with major and popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce.

Customers who register to use the product on our system will be able to use it directly on their Shopify sales website in the form of a plugin. Time to find and import product reviews information is extremely fast and safe. In addition, the system also allows statistics but the reviews are obtained from many systems, users can choose to import them to their sales website.

In addition to the sales support function for users, our system is also a useful tool for collecting information for analyzing and finding information about products and suppliers through feedbacks. previously purchased customer feedback. If you are a new sales person, you do not know which product to choose to start with, or do not know which supplier to choose is reputable and trustworthy to cooperate with. Our systems can help you collect information from shopper feedback, based on these statistics that can determine a relatively high level of accuracy about a product’s selling potential. market.

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With experience and understanding of technology on platforms such as: Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify, WordPress / Woocommerce. Our developers can fully implement similar projects. Please contact us to create the real value.