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Odoo ERP
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Project Description

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system plays a role in helping businesses save time in project management and operation as well as personnel and other resources. Currently, ERP solutions are being applied very popularly today in companies, large and medium enterprises. The implementation of ERP system helps businesses better and more accurately plan their future development strategies. To be able to operate smoothly and smoothly all elements of an enterprise, first of all, leaders need to have innovative, creative thinking, capable of leadership and management. The ERP system usually consists of many modules, small modules, each of which plays an important role and supports the general business model.

Jobs in an enterprise that can be automated by ERP include: Sales assistance, inventory status check, projects in progress, and tracking. work handling processes between departments in the company …

ERP System from Enterprise

We use the Odoo solution (formerly OpenERP) to build and implement an enterprise management system for a multi-product trading company. After studying customer requirements, analyzing the required functions of the enterprise management system, and at the same time researching the operating processes, production scale, and business methods of the business. We propose a specific business plan for businesses to be able to operate well and apply information technology to the production process, product distribution …

The functions of the ERP system deployed to businesses include: