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E-Commerce website


Wordpress CMS
Amazon Web Services


1 Frontend
1 Backend
1 Team leader
02-04 weeks for dev

Project Description

E-commerce web can be understood simply as a kind of sales website. Is an electronic information site built to serve part or the whole of the process of buying and selling goods and providing services. From displaying, providing information, introducing goods, providing services, paying as well as after-sales services. The exchange of commercial information is done on electronic technology means without having to be printed on paper in any transaction process.

Designing a professional e-commerce website, SEO standard is considered a smart business strategy in the age of information technology development today. Customers can find their own products and services through today’s online marketing channels such as Facebook, Google, Zalo …

In addition, when businesses own a “strong” e-commerce website, they can sell effectively without limitation in time or space. The essential thing to increase revenue and profit for businesses is how to ensure good quality of products and services while at reasonable prices as well as enthusiastic advice and support to customers Certainly, business operations of the business will bring about the highest efficiency as well as the most sustainable.

E-Commerce Solution

ST-Hitech provides a solution to help businesses, companies and individuals get to own an e-commerce website quickly. After learning about customers’ business model, our website development team will plan to build systems for customers. Completion time depends on the complexity or requirements of the customer, but usually takes about 2-4 weeks.

The complete system will be fully transferred to customers and ensure the website system works well and stably. We provide maintenance and support services for 12 months after completing and handing over products to customers. If customers want to hire ST team to operate on ST’s Cloud system, we will provide and advise appropriate solutions for each partner according to the system size.

The E-Commerce websites that we develop are fully compatible with domestic and international payment gateways, such as: Strip, Mollie, Paypal… ST-Hitech is proud of its extensive experience in implementing e-commerce solutions for many domestic and foreign partners. We believe that will satisfy you in building and asserting your own brand.