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CRM System

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Customer Relationship Management System


Mobile Application
Restful API
Slim framework
OAuth Authentication


1 Backend + API
1 Mobile developer
1 BI, 1 PM
3 months dev

Project Description

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is currently very interested by companies and businesses, this is not only a support system to store customer information for businesses, but also Helping employees to support and re-care for customers in a better way. With the number of old customers more than 1000 people, managing information and contracts becomes extremely complicated. Besides, the number of new customers is continuously increasing, the work of customer care staff in the company is always pressure. From that fact, our customers have decided to implement an information management system and customer care support.

Main Features of CRM System

The CRM system is deployed in many phases: 

  • Meeting and exchanging information, understanding customer requirements;
  • Requirements analysis and system planning;
  • Data design, functional analysis of the application;
  • Development phase and application testing;
  • Document and training staff to use the system;
  • Deploy the system to production and transfer management.

After more than 3 months of implementation, the CRM customer management system is completed and ready to deploy to the real environment. The main functions of the system include: