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Coupon Management System

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Coupon Management
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Google API
Google Location Services
Google Wallet
Apple Wallet
Stripe Payment
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2 Fullstack Developers
1 Team Leader
2 months dev

Project Description

The Coupon Management System allows shop owners to post products for their sale and offers users small deals. The products are usually: coffee drinks, movie tickets …

This system is integrated with Stripe payment gateway, allowing users to make payments simply and quickly. Stripe is becoming one of the most widely used and popular online payment services in Europe. The system accepts both international and domestic payment cards. In addition, a series of technologies are integrated on the system such as: Google maps API provides user maps, Google Location service provides coordinates and searches for coupon codes around the user’s position.

In addition, the system is integrated with the Google Wallet and Apple Wallet applications, allowing QRcode scanning to download coupons to mobile phones. The support for these advanced bank card-free payment technologies allows users to use a variety of utilities, scalability and deployment in many different geographical areas.